I started to read a book recently, which I will not name here for reasons I will not disclose publically. It was a book with good reviews and I really wanted to like it. And to learn from it. But I did not like and set it aside for months. I picked it up again […]


I went to the dentist today. This may seem like a mundane fact of a thundersnowy Monday afternoon in April (the weather here is volatile), but actually, it’s much more. I got x-rays, an exam and a cleaning for $0 because I have dental insurance now. Because I have a full-time job now! Three years […]


I’m taking a trip soon. And of course, the most important thing you can pack on a trip is a book for the plane. I just finished Between the World and Me and I’m halfway through The Argonauts, but this morning I became incredibly concerned that I would finish it on the way out and […]


I don’t know how often the average person has to write a bio. Occasionally, I suspect, but probably not nearly as often as those of us who publish (or try to). There are two types of bio writers in the world: people who use one bio for everything, and people who write a new bio for each […]

My spacey story was published in Requited Issue 13. It’s a journal I really admire and one I’ve been chasing for a long time. In 2010, I sent them an essay and the nonfiction editor at the time wrote me a very detailed, thoughtful personal rejection. It was the first time any literary magazine had […]

Betty's House

Officially summer will linger on for another four weeks, but with school starting, fall is creeping into sight. This is the first fall in around 30 years that I will not be going back to school in some capacity. I didn’t teach last spring and won’t teach again in the fall, at least not in […]